Undercover Festival

The band have just returned from a successful appearance at the Undercover Festival in Margate. See the Gigs page for more info on future appearances by the band. Their next gig is 29th September at the 100 club in London, with Heavy Drapes, Witchdoktors and The Blue Carpet Band .

Recording Dates

The band have already started recording new material at Panther Studios and have some corking new songs! More studio dates are booked for October, November and December this year and more in 2018. Watch this space for more news on the band's new recordings and a possible NEW ALBUM ??!!

The Weird Things' first album Ten Digit Freak is still available NOW! on Vinyl, CD and Download. Go to the Merch page to order yours.

2017 Gig Dates

29th September. 100 Club. London.
With Heavy Drapes.

24th Nov..The Albert. Brighton.
Damidge / THE WEIRD THINGS / Chuck SJ Hay

8th Dec..Croydon Conerence Centre. Croydon
Senser / THE WEIRD THINGS / Drowned Out
+ DJ legend Peter Fox

Ticket info for 24th Nov and 8th Dec will be available soon...


Vive Le Rock

The Weird Things are featured in the December issue of Vive Le Rock and have a track featured on the cover CD.

The ranks of The Weird Things comprise of a mixed bunch of recidivists and new blood. The old hands include drummer Martin Parrott who beat the skins for Case and Blood and Roses back in the 1980s before going on to form Dirty Love and Los Pariliticos, which supported The Tubes around Europe in 2005.

Guitar player Simon Peet has toured Europe in ska band The Riffs and also played bass in Case, while Mr Jan, The Weird Things’ bass player, supported both The Damned and The Fall when he was the four-string guardian in Dogbonfire. Meanwhile, up front, is singer Charlie – the new blood and visual and vocal strength of the band.

Elsewhere we’ve got old lag Dick Crippen… a veteran of punk and psychobilly bands Tenpole Tudor and King Kurt. He’s been assigned guitar and production duties. And finally, on backing vocals we have Leila Parrott and Sam Beven.

Together they are The Weird Things – they look forward to you hearing from them soon.

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